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Anna Hodgkinson

Welcome to my website!

I am currently carrying out a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship at the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin. My research focuses on the socio-economics of the production and consumption of high-status goods in the settlements of Late Bronze Age Egypt and its neighbours. I gained my PhD in Egyptian Archaeology from the University of Liverpool in 2014.

In addition, I have trained in the use of open source GIS and its application to archaeology. I have used my spatial analytical skills for my PhD research and have also applied them in commercial archaeology in the UK.

I have a large amount of experience in archaeological fieldwork, having worked at several sites in Egypt including leading my own fieldwork project in addition to seven years of past employment in commercial archaeology, working in the UK and France, and also in Germany.

Please refer to my CV for further details.

Please contact me by email or Twitter. Please click here for my profile on Academia.edu, here for my profile on Researchgate.net and here for my LinkedIn profile.

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